Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chrome Love Affair

"The gleam of chrome is as irresistible to a man as the word "sale" is to a woman."

Like most weekends we spent a lot of time on highway 101. Our first stop on Saturday was at the Custom Chrome Inc 40th Anniversary Dealer Show at the historic Dolce Hayes Mansion. What a great event. Custom Chrome brought together their dealer community, vendor community and Custom Chrome community in one great venue. We spent most of our time there visiting and talking to vendors and snapping a few pictures of the bikes Custom Chrome had on display.

Of course our favorite bike on display was the recently built 40th Anniversary bike built by Cole Foster and the Salinas Boys. Cole and the boys took parts available through Custom Chrome and built a very cool 70's inspired chopper.

Kirk Taylor assisted the Salinas Boys by painting the tank.

After the show we scheduled two shoots. The first shoot was with Marcos Gaitan's 1966 Impala, the second shoot was for our upcoming catalog with Lil Watcha's 1964 Impala. To save a liitle time we hopped into Lil Watcha's 64 and drove to our first shoot.

Young Lil Watcha driving his 64.

A sneak peak at Marcos' 66.

After both shoots we cruised downtown San Jose a little. We ran into tattoo artist Abraham Ortega cruising his El Camino.

We followed Abraham home to wish his lady a happy birthday and hit the strip one more time.

Our last stop in San Jose (after eating some tacos at Tacos El Paisa of course) was at Big Watcha's house. You can never get tired of looking at Big Watcha's 1962 Impala. Flawless!

Sunday morning we woke up really early and headed back down south to South Gate for the Greenspan's Car Show.

At the Greenspan's show it was definitely Quality over Quantity!


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